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Tallocate helps to connect tech talent with companies, reducing bias in the sourcing and hiring process and helping women and minorities in tech to find a job at a company that cares about diversity & inclusion.

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Hire Software Engineers, Product Managers, UX/UI Designers & Data Experts in +50 locations.

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Tallo helps companies to source and attract qualified tech talent from diverse communities matching skills and requirements.

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​​​​​​​Cate helps women and minorities in tech to find a job at a company that cares about diversity & inclusion, using AI algorithms to reduce bias and save time.

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We help companies to hire faster thanks to our talent sharing network and cadidates to find a job faster thanks to our career coaching. 

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We support companies to hire qualified and pre-vetted candidates by creating a "sharing-economy" for the qualification process.

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All our services start for free. Sign up and receive qualified candidates for free or connect with companies for free.


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HRTech Business Services at Tallocate


We deliver qualified candidates directly into your Application Tracking System. Contact us and we will let you know if your ATS is already integrated.

Diversity Consulting

We help you find the top talent from our network of qualified candidates or support your Diversity & Employer Branding Strategy.


We drive change in the HRTech business by provding a platform where companies and talent can connect fast and efficient, free of charge.

Remote and Relocation Jobs

Tallocate helps you to find companies that are interested to hire talent from abroad and remote. Our job platform connects talent and helps company to locate qualified candidates interested to move to a new country or city.